Friday, May 4, 2012

Style Me Update...

In which the hobo is trying to clean the oven before having guests over which is potentially unwise, and still needs to go out to raid other people's gardens unnoticed communal areas for flowers to try to draw attention away from the fact that I'll be seating four people around a fairly titchy coffee table.

Outfits for Wednesday, 'Bright Happy Colour' and Thursday 'Jazz Up Your Hands', along with today's 'Always Gets Complimented' will be updated tomorrow, cos I've been in Glasgow and not had my kit. (my blogging, kit, ie, my laptop.  Obviously I had kit as in clothes.  Otherwise I'd have a, failed the Style Me May challenge and b, been naked.) 


I was going to leave you with the following picture and say 'what a shame I didn't buy this t-shirt in 2009 when I first wanted it because it's now been out of stock for over two years and what do you think of it isn't it nice or am I a little too old for band t-shirts at almost but not quite 28?', only to re-google it and find that it's come back into stock! Here's where you can buy it.  But not yet, k? I don't want it to sell out again before I've gotten one in the hobo cart.

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