Friday, May 4, 2012

Style Me May: Always Gets Complimented

In which I cover the house with flowers before people come over for dinner...

As I mentioned yesterday, S and her boyfriend, (whose initial, confusingly, is also S) are coming for dinner.  As I write this (and can't post it, because our power keeps surging and the router seems to have blown) I realise that my 'always gets complimented' repertoire is mostly comprised of evening dresses and high heels.  None of which I should really crack out tonight, because otherwise I run the risk of friends and husband thinking I've gone round the twist.  (which, to be fair, they may be expecting as have now been off work/freelancing in the house for 4 weeks.) So instead of coming to the door supremely over-dressed, I'm wearing the same slim leg blue trousers-from-Madrid which I wore on Wednesday, a cream lace blouse, belt which I stole liberated from my Grandma's wardrobe a couple of years ago, and my oft-commented-on woven brogues from Topshop. 
Despite being from Topshop, the brogues are unique, because when I bought them they were cream.  I loved the shape and the soft leather, but HH said they looked like leather trainers, and that from a distance I looked as if I was wearing knock-off Lacoste shoes.  So I dyed them a dark chocolate brown.  Which matches my nails.  Also involved in this ensemble  is a tweed jacket with corduroy elbow patches because it's chilly outside you guys.

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