Friday, May 11, 2012

Style Me May: Colour Below the Ankles

The one where I pretend I'm not going to tell you where these fab shoes came from...

And then I 'fess up and say Barratts.  You can't really see the backs of them (I was too busy getting ready to go out for 'it's the night before my birthday let's just have a few drinks' drinks to faff with the camera,) and don't get me started on how much I hate that wave shaped mirror.  Oh, too late.  I HATE that wave shaped mirror.  It came as part of our furnished rental flat and it's too awkward to store anywhere.  I'd break it out of pique except I'm too superstitious.  So where was I? Oh yes, the colour-blocked shoes from Barratts.  If you could see them better, you'd see they're a combo of wedgewood blue leather block heels, navy leather sides and yellow suede toes.  Love.

Want to see another pair of gorgeous Barratts shoes? Oh, go on then...

Yep, my wedding shoes came from Barratts too.

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