Friday, May 11, 2012

Style Me May: Classic White Shirt...

Or, the first appearance of wardrobe thievery...

A couple of the many things HH brings to the table in our marriage are his record collection and his wardrobe.   After the Great T-shirt Purge of 2008, the necessity of which he came round to in time, I have enjoyed the fact that when checked cowboy-esque shirts, over-sized American Apparel T-shirts, aviator sunglasses and striped tops came in and out of fashion, I had his selection at my disposal.  (what? I was a student...)

The following outfit is one I normally only break out when I'm doing something really fashion-y which doesn't happen as often as I'd like, frankly.  It's HH's white shirt which has a cute rounded collar, and I always add a necklace or in this case, a ribbon, and a jacket, in the hope that it's more a look of 'polished androgeny' and less 'I didn't have a costume so I came as Tom Cruise in Risky Business'.  With a black blazer I like that it's kinda suit-y, and with my favourite pale blue raincoat it's weather appropriate.  Perhaps the shiny leggings should have gone into things that used to scare me - but it's not really me that they scare... more other people.


  1. Yeeess! This outfit is so fun! You look like you had a good time putting it together:) I just googled 'ivy league preppy' for next week?? I'm thinking we rock some kind of jack wills style outfit. Your blog makes me smile :) xx