Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Style Me May: Used to Scare Me...

Used to? Used to scare me? This post's outfit comprises at least 4 separate elements which are all up there with watching Let The Right One In.

I can cope with wearing my leather pencil skirt, which originally was a bit 'out there' when I bought it from a vintage store in Amsterdam in 2010, because leather has been everywhere recently and also because Londoners don't turn a hair when they see it.  I used to be a bit afraid of coloured tights though, because I thought anything dark red might just make me look like I had some kind of severe skin disease.  I've worn them under open-toed shoes, which is the thin edge of the 'socks and sandals' wedge. I'm still pretty leery of wearing black close to my face, because I think it washes me out and makes me look like a 50 year old smack addict, a look which is only developed by me pulling my hair off my face, something else I rarely do.  Finishing the look of scary things are my glasses, which due to their Dame Edna-esque properties had been relegated to second string status until I lost my good ones and... BRIGHT RED LIPS.

So this outfit is the sartorial equivalent of reading Edgar Allan Poe by candlelight in a blackout with only mice for company.

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