Saturday, May 5, 2012

Style Me May: Put a scarf on it.

Or, would we call some ancient jeans plus more ancient cardi with a scarf 'styled'?

This working-from-home business means that I don't have much reason to dress up during the week.  However what we've got planned for this Saturday, namely a walk to Greenwich park, followed by a trip to ASDA and potentially one off the wood in our local pub, doesn't really call for lashings of sartorial brilliance (we don't, after all, want to scare the natives.) 
So readers, I give you 'Put a Scarf on it.'
The gratuitous shot of a flower in a milk bottle is to prove that although I wasn't particularly styled on Saturday, our lounge room was.  I mean, the floral 'installation' (one of several) matches the Penguin books.  I bet Rachel Zoe is pretty terrified by my work.

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