Monday, May 14, 2012

Birthdaying etc

In which I am ridiculously spoilt and get a whole bunch of presents.

On Friday morning the post came through the door (I know, I still love the fact that we have a letter slot in our actual door, having grown up with an outside letter box in Australia which is nowhere near as exciting) with a thud.  A suspicious, sounds like it could be parcels thud.  And it was parcels!!

From the lil sisters: A haul of sweets including not-available-in-the-UK Furry Friends and Caramelo Koalas, Kinder Buenos (I'm assuming because they'll aid my Spanish study) and a fabulous ring pop which I'm planning to wear to Primavera Festival in Barcelona in a fortnight or so, for sartorial snacking purposes.

PennyJust the coolest mix-tape birthday cd ever...

Which I listened to while breakfasting on Bucks Fizz, 
bread fresh from the oven, cream cheese and nutella all prepared by HH, and reading my instructions for the day (see right) which was to be a birthday treasure hunt around London with clues leading me to different locations where I would be partaking in activities like: shopping for our upcoming trip to Paris, consuming a coffee with whipped cream and chocolate (strictly limited to birthdays) picnicking in the park, mooching round Covent Garden, listening to a symphony orchestra in Trafalgar Square, and eating Thai food at one of our favourite restaurants.  Oh, and HH also got tickets to Shakespeare's Globe for us to watch Henry IV in Spanish on Tuesday night. (aforementioned Buenos at the ready for that one...)

Lovely things also turned up from Pma, my collection of Great Aunts, best friend S, work best friend whose initial is also S, and assorted others.  Thanks everybody.  Way to make a girl feel special.  Also, HH - you outdid yourself.  Which is why I spilt red wine all over your white shirt at dinner on Saturday night.  I was overcome with emotion.  And, you know, just very clumsy.


  1. That's even better than robbing a bank!! I'm so impressed with HH. I might subtley suggest Sam does this for our anniversary....or maybe I'll just steal the idea and do it myself!


  2. I actually cried when I opened it. Plus it had all these cool, nerdy facts about different parts of the city which I didn't know. I think it was an attempt on HH's part to improve my woeful knowledge of geography too.

  3. That sounds just wonderful - what a brilliant way to spend your birthday!