Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Style Me May: Ivy League Preppy

Or, Catholic girls school education preppy completed with a hair ribbon.

My first trip to America is hotly anticipated and currently in the planning stages.  Scheduled for 2014, the to-do list is going to take about 9 months, and it's constantly growing.  But as for today, having never seen a real live Ivy League anything yet, I give you my understanding of 'preppy'.  It includes: a collared shirt, a jumper (that should be sweater, obvs) a pleated skirt, tights, lace up shoes, and a blazer.  Oh, and a hair ribbon.  Considering my ribbon is HH's tartan, and the blazer is from Scottish boutique label Ness, this is a kind of Isle of Skye-vy League Preppy look.  The pale blues and greens in it are reminding me of my high school uniform, as are the stockings and shoes.  Maybe if I go to ASDA in it I'll get asked for ID again (that happened a couple of weeks ago and I'm still excited by it) I think the woollen aspects of it are going to stand me in good stead for going to Shakespeare's Globe tonight though... it's still a wee bit chilly outside.  You get a gratuitous shot of the trees across the road because I was using the timer setting on the camera and pointed it too high.  There's real life ivy by my feet near the fence btw. 

Someone just emailed me asking what did my school uniform look like?  Well Lou, I'm glad you asked.  See the picture above. I  should say now that I didn't do a lot of standing around near the fountain in my day.  My skirt was probably a fair bit shorter than the girl on the left's, too.


  1. I really like this look - it suits you (and I think working some Isle of Skye into things is never a bad thing)

  2. This preppy look is much better there than the look here in Utah! I wish I could get away with wearing tartan schoolgirl stuff, I am sure my Scot would love it.

    Thank you for visiting my blog! And hey Siobhan!

  3. Really cute look, love that blazer!