Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday's child is... well, quite pedantic, actually.

I think this spelling mistake is intentional, but I may send them a letter to check...
Part of the reason I have decided to write a blog is so I don't have to drive the people around me crazy by pointing out every. single. thing. that I come across that is mis-spelled, badly worded, or uses poor grammar.  If it's something that contains all three, it can spark a full-blown rant that lasts a long time.  So.  From now on, if I discover some prose in my travels that needs work, I'm going to write about it here in a restrained and civil fashion, and stop making my husband feel like he's re-sitting his English A Levels.
This week's problem is with the leaflet that hangs in the bathroom of every Travelodge I've stayed in this year.  (In case you're interested, we've stayed in 4 or 5.  The prettiest hobo and the hoboest husband love Travelodges.  Pretty much guaranteed to be clean, with white linen, tea and coffee making facilities and to have an iron and a hairdryer.  It goes without saying that they are budget-friendly, which is what Team Hobo is all about.  What's not to like? Apart from the fact that, as you'll see below, no one seems to be editing their promotional material...)
At Travelodge, we always try and do our bit for the environment.
Well, Travelodge, really you are trying to do your bit for the environment.  The 'and' implies that you are succeeding, but considering the sign is there to ask people not to use more linen than they need, and the hoboest husband is very partial to a fluffy white towel, you didn't manage to save on laundry during our stay.  When I went to look at the Travelodge website to see whether they had the same slogan in their 'about us' section, I couldn't find it, but I did find a reference to 'our customer's needs.'  Just the one customer then? No wonder the rooms are cheap. 

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