Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Style Me May

In which the Hobo does two things that are muy out of character - planning in advance, and vowing to blog every day for a month.

So as a few of you know, (well, ok, I know there are only a few of you reading, so a few of the few) I am between full time gigs at the moment.  Out of work, as it were.  Despite the numerous drawbacks of this situation (I got so incensed by a segment on BBC breakfast this morning I'm ashamed to admit I actually emailed in) there are some positives, like having a very clean and tidy house AND having the time to discover lots of lovely blogs.  One of those is the clever and gorgeous Skin and Blister which is where I discovered Style Me May Challenge.  The brainchild of another blogger, the sartorially-intimidating-yet-seems-like-she'd-totes-be-your-new-bff Hilary Rushford, Style Me May is pretty simple: you use one of these hints each day to plan your outfit and try not to buy anything new.
I will be posting pictures taken with our trusty ole' Samsung point and shoot, because I don't have a fancy phone any more and can't update straight to Twitter.  I am committing to doing it every day though.  Come back at 4ish for challenge numero uno when I'll be getting my twirl on.
Serendipitous actually that #12 is 'garden party' as the twelfth of May is my birthday and something picnicesque is planned.


  1. I'm doing it too!! Not the blogging every day part (I feel exhausted just thinking about it) but the Style Me May part. I feel a fashion duel coming on... although given your reputation I'm not fancying my chances! ;)

    P.S. Love the blog makeover x

  2. I've only just seen this... Thank you x

    Glad you're taking part and I've been between things for years now- I freelance and look after George instead now. Maybe we could concoct a plan for world doination of some kind? x