Monday, May 7, 2012

Style Me May: A World Traveller...

Or, a bunch of pictures of me wearing the same ole thing in different places around the world...

I bought this top from a second hand shop in a tiny village in the Dordogne region in France.  It was run by two ancient ladies out the window of their front room which opened onto the street.  It was already a world traveller because someone had picked it up in Maui.
Don't you love it when clothes have a secret history? I'd say this vest was made in the eighties (it's got those tell-tale big arm holes and is finished with neon writing) and sold as a souvenir - but how did it end up in a tiny French village? Did one of the old ladies running the shop pick it up in her youth and wear it on some millionaire's yacht before returning home and changing her style completely to tweed and and cardigans? Did another tourist leave it behind?   I paid 1 euro for it, and promptly wore on that trip, (the photo below where I'm holding pastries - check me! It's almost like I knew that one day I'd need it to illustrate a blog post and used location-specific props!) in Bali on honeymoon (again with the props - as obvs I'm not going to drink that giant Bintang beer) and in Cuba (for all the long conversations I had to have with statues when HH stopped listening to me)
And I'm wearing it today.  With a fairisle cardigan for gosh sakes.  It's MAY.  Sort your act out, weather.  No wonder I look all moody in the picture.  The jeans are J-brand, if anyone's wondering.  Actually they're an item that always gets complimented, and are 'investment jeans' which really live up to their brief.

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