Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Makes me want to twirl...

In which the Hobo begins 'Style Me May', gets blog envy of Dean Street Society, and prepares for an overnight bus journey to Glasgow.

Why am I going to put photos of myself on the blog every day this month, even though I don't really believe in it as a general rule?*  Because I'm taking part in in a daily styling challenge in order to get into the swing of blogging regularly, and to get some use out of what's in my wardrobe.
Today's outfit is 'makes me want to twirl...'

And, apart from the skirt of this taffeta frock being, well, innately twirly, it makes me want to twirl because:
1. It was a bargain.  It came from a charity shop on High Street Kensington, cost £7, and still had the tags on it.  It's from ASOS.  When I found it I did have a momentary pang because I thought that some girl may have given it away by mistake, but I got over that by telling myself it was more likely that said girl ordered it, didn't like it and forgot to send it back within the ASOS-approved time window and thus had to get rid of it, and that explanation was much more satisfactory because it's the kind of thing I'd do.
2. It's got a tartan-esque pattern, perfect for going to a ceilidh** in.  At the ceilidh club nights in London you get a cheaper ticket if you're wearing tartan AND the dress is great for dancing in - so it's perfect.
3. Today it's warm enough to wear it with knee socks and high heeled brogues.  It's possibly not the most practical outfit to wear on an overnight bus to Glasgow, which is what I've got planned for this evening, but strictly speaking that activity will probably come under tomorrow's Style Me May anyway.

Speaking of twirly - if you haven't seen this amazing frock on Florence Finds, go and check it out.  It moves and everything.
*Disclaimer: I only believe in this as a general rule for me and not for other bloggers, who, it goes without saying, look awesome in real life photos of what they're wearing (see aforementioned example Rebecca on FlorenceFinds)  and who are blogging about fashionable items available in the shops, as opposed to me, because I look like a numpty in photos and am more often than not wearing something that was once my Pma's or is currently my husband's.

**It's ok, I won't tell the Hoboest Husband that you don't know what a ceilidh is.  It's a Scottish dance, and it's pronounced kay-lee.  I'm probably the worst dancer of ceilidh in the history of the world, but what I lack in talent I make up for in enthusiasm.  And appropriate frocks, obvs.


  1. Socks! Fringe! BLOGGING!

    I approve of all of these things!


  2. Great! I can give up now, as this whole lark was to get in with the coolest girl at school and get her approval ;) x

  3. Gorgeous styling and what a bargainous frock!